Community and Educational Buildings

It is not uncommon to see the lights still on after hours at TAB's office when we are meeting with members in the community looking to build a new Montessori school, Church, or community center.

Churches and community centers have turned to TAB Construction since the beginning of our business. The goals to build a welcoming facility that meets the needs of the congregation can be done effectively with us.

According to Montessori Philosophy, the classroom atmosphere should be orderly yet stimulating to meet the child's inner need for concentration and exploration. We have worked with experts in the field to build safe and inspirational environments for our children and can help you with meeting state certification requirements. Some of these features include:

  • one way glass observation capabilities
  • electronic entry doors
  • libraries
  • computer labs
  • indoor and outdoor play areas built to code
  • learning stations.

TAB has built projects of all sizes, and can work with you based on your budget to maximize your needs for a growing community.